The Blossom

It proposes to explore the connection of the black woman with its roots, and to strengthen the African memory having the hair as protagonist and as symbolism for the resistance. The feminine at present, the union, strength and what to be woman represents inside and outside of a maternal relationship.

Model: Pam Nascimento and Luna Nascimento
Art Director: Jessica Cirino
Art Director Assistant: Bianca Nova
Style: Higor Neves
Style Assistant: Alessandro Fêrcar
Beauty: Claudia Rodrigues
Store: Agla.Store

Renaissance 01.1
Renaissance 02
Renaissance 14
Renaissance 05
Renaissance 08
Renaissance 10
Renaissance 11
Renaissance 14
Renaissance 16
Renaissance 17
Renaissance 19
Renaissance 22


FêrcarProject type

I See Flowers On YouProject type

GlamProject type

SalutProject type

Ebony On The SunProject type

CheersProject type

To BlossomProject type

ExuberanceProject type

FlowersProject type

Street FashionProject type

United BodiesProject type

Revista ZummProject type

CarnavalescoProject type

RereadingProject type

NiordProject type